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Easily and securely, using credit/debit cards, net-banking or wallets.


The service by simply showing your voucher on the ZipZap Deals App.


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ZipZapDeals Loyalty & Credit Card

About Our Company

ZipZapDeals is a leading student service provider that brings students, colleges, universities, and local and national business partners together to provide one system of value, saving, and convenience for student members.

ZipZapDeals Makes Saving Easy

  • Weekly deals sent right to you
  • Exclusive limited time specials
  • Shop online 24/7
  • Save on your favourite website
Local Stores
  • Save around your campus
  • Deals with local food spots
Your Wallet
  • More money stays in yourpocket

Revs up the local economy and all of campus life.


ZipZapDealsLoyalty & Credit Card is meant to help students save time and money. This is a smart card a unique card providing students financial convenience along with discounts.

Buy Now Pay Later
  • Don’t block your money
  • Monthly billing for transactions
  • 45 days interest free period from initial transaction
No need to carry money
  • Experience financial freedom
  • Manage your own finances
  • Get credit
  • No bank account needed
Flexible repayments
  • Pay the entire bill per month, or minimum amount
  • Interest free for 45 days ONLY
  • Pay interest only for the months of outstanding balance
  • Freedom to close balance anytime!

For Students

ZipZapDeals Loyalty & Credit Card

For students, college life can get expensivebut that doesn’t mean missing out on any of the fun. We want you to enjoy your college life to the fullest while saving extra cash. An awesome access deals to your favorite businesses and hangouts around campus.

These cards are serious money savers and with ZipZapDealsCards, you can,Just show it at participating businesses to receive great offerings around 4 cities.Entertainment, food, clothes, travel, the list of discounts is growing every day. ZipZapDealsLoyalty & Credit Cardwith validity of 1 year is your passport to fantastic discounts and offers. You don’t need to purchase the vouchers repeatedly from app or Website.

This is India’s only Loyalty card for student which gives discounts and offers to students inside the campus and their near hangout areas. The same card has the feature of Rupay credit card. The credit card gives the power for the students to access funds across India with 40 days interest free providing top-up cash of Rs 5,000.

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Health & Fitness
  • Saloon &Spa

You can use it as many times as you want for the entire year. Get the ZipZapDealsLoyalty & Credit Card today to start saving on 500+ brands listed below, as well as at thousands of local shops and restaurants in 4 cities within the campus and hangout places.

Save money on the things you love to do around campus.

Once the card is received, please check the booklet to know more about our partnered brands and their offers & discounts. Carry the card every time you visit our partnered brand to avail the offers. We understand that you might want to discuss your queries mail us at contactus@zipzapdeals.com

To keep yourself updated do visit the website and download the App.

Who is eligible for a ZipZapDeals Card?

This card is only for students to avail discounts and you must be 19 years of age. You can learn more on their website and download their app, which is available on Android.

How to use the card

  • Apply for the card
  • Receive the card and read the booklet
  • Take it with you when visitingZipzapdeals Partner Outlets.
  • Present the ZipzapdealsCard while making payment.
  • Avail your discounts.

For business

Gain Campus-Wide Exposure for Your Business

If your business is in or near a college campus, tapping into the student demographic is crucial. Whether you own a restaurant, bookstore, or local shop, the key to a college student’s heart remains the same: help him or her save money for textbooks, snacks, and other necessities.

ZipZapDealsCards can boost your business while fueling the local economy. We develop a student discount program—that features your business on free promotional cards. These cards introduce a student audience to your business and inspire it to check out your unique offer. With our mobile app, you can set up notifications to alert users of upcoming deals while capitalizing on an exclusive marketing opportunity on students’ smartphones.

Make your impression on a major—and lucrative—local market with ZipZapDealsCards today.

Unlock unbelievable DEALS with Zipzapdeals cards TODAY.