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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how we, Zip Zap Deals, collect, process and use information of our users. We are the operator of the website www.zipzapdeals.com, associated mobile application and a provider of a range of services thereto. We provide a platform where we may list offers for local services, goods and travel which are made available by us or other sellers (collectively: “Sellers”). This Privacy Policy applies to information that we collect through our website, mobile application, electronic communications or services (collectively, the “Site”).

We will routinely update this Privacy Policy to improve our practices and to reflect new or different privacy practices, such as when we add new services, functionality or features to the Site. You can determine when this version of the Privacy Policy was adopted by referring to the “Effective Date” above.

By visiting this Website you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree, please do not use or access our Website.

What information does the Application obtain and how is it used ?

Data collected from the end user (mandatory- phone number, optional- name, email, gender) is stored on Zip Zap Deals Private Cloud hosted on Parses Web Services. This data will be retained by Zip Zap Deals till the end user sends an Account Deletion Request. Your Services account will be associated with your phone number and this account will be used for all our Services that you use.Information you provide to one of our Services may be used with other Services from us that you or your friends use. For example, location information we receive in connection with your use of one of our apps may be used to customize the content you and your friends see in another of our apps. We may also draw upon this Personal Information in order to adapt the Services of our community to your needs, to research the effectiveness of our network and Services, and to develop new tools for the community.The contact information you provide may be used by Zip Zap Deals to send you timely and relevant promotions. By accepting this privacy policy, you give Zip Zap Deals the right to contact you by SMS or e-mail for such promotions. The stored information is gauged by our system, if the purchases comply with our existing service’s Terms and Conditions then the customer is provided with a coupon for the making the subsequent purchase. Information is used to present customized offers to the end user.

Zip Zap Deals provides you, the user, with deals in various categories which are highly customized to your location, indicated tastes and probable use. Since the deals are time-sensitive, we need to collect the above information on a periodic basis. Your contact information is collected in order to enable you to share the deals that you discover on our platform with your friends at real-time.

Determining your location.

The Services deal with location, so in order to work, the Services need to know your location. Whenever you open and use/interact with our apps on your mobile device or go to one of our Sites, we use the location information from your mobile device or browser (e.g., latitude and longitude) to tailor the Services experience to your current location (i.e., we'll show you a list of nearby locations, friends and tips). This information is NOT shared in a form that is identified with you with others unless you are using a service that they offer. Also, the Services use your mobile device's ‘background location to provide the Services, including to send you notifications of tips/friends/plans/interesting things etc. near you. If you have ‘background location turned on, the Zip Zap Deals will, from time to time, tell us about your device's location even if you are not directly interacting with the application. The user can enable/disable location services from their mobile device and use the Static Location service offered by Zip Zap Deals to select any location from a set of predefined locations.

Sharing your location Using Social Media.

The User can share his/her Deals with thier friends using social media Like Whatsapp And Twitter (e.g. “Whatsapp” “Twitter”).